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Created to deliver more direct bookings!

A perfect match of advanced technology and expertise. Provide your guest with the best possible deals and maximize your revenue.

Booking Engine Channel Manager Rez App B2B Solutions Metasearch Hub Yield Manager
B2B Solutions Metasearch Hub Rez App Booking Engine Yield Manager Channel Manager

Booking Engine

More Conversions

Our booking engine helps you do more with less! It integrates everything needed to manage availability, rates and offers, through the website, mobile and social networks. It supports all types of accommodation and it's easily integrated on your existing website.

Our goal is that your hotel gets the most out of the official website. We're actually all about more conversions.
Channel Manager
  •   Guest centered
  •   Conversion oriented
  •   Multiple languages & currencies
  •   Diversified Rate plans
  •   Infinite Discounts & Supplements
  •   Packaging Options
  •   Simple to Book
  •   GDPR Compliant
  •   Full Scale PCI DSS Certification

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Endless possibilities

As the most flexible booking engine on the market, PHOBS is created by hoteliers to support implementation of modern revenue strategies and boost direct reservations. Conversion focused three step process enables our customers to always make their direct offer the best offer online.

Unlimited rate plans, packaged services, supplements and discounts allow you to quickly adapt to new trends on the market. Full PCS DSS certification and customizable sales policies on rate level means the process is as secure as possible for the guest and the hotel.

The look and feel is fully customizable and easily integrates into any website making it a perfect looker to booker converting machine.

Channel Manager

Your reach, expanded

PHOBS Channel Manager allows easy management of rates and availability across all the most attractive online travel agencies.

Cross channel rate linking possibilities ensure that the you have absolute control of prices showing online wherever your guests are shopping. Single point availability control allows our customers to easily control the volume of rooms available and reach a higher net price while simultaneously making accidental overbookings impossible.

Other then the standard OTA’s Phobs channel manager also connects the availability and prices from other Phobs modules such as B2B, RezApp or the Booking engine making it the ultimate all-round solution for price and availability management. Whenever a booking or a cancellation happens on any online portal, it sends the information to the user and at the same time updates the new inventory to all connected online travel portals and official website.

Have all your reservations in one place sorted by origin and transferred into you property management system automatically.
  •   Quick stop sale and auto-updates
  •   Rate Parity
  •   Integration with PMS and Booking Engine
  •   All reservation information up to date
  •   Don’t miss any sales opportunity

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Yield Manager

Optimize your profit

PHOBS Yield management allows hospitality businesses to focus on optimising the pricing and selling strategy of their most important resource – the rooms they have available.

With PHOBS Yield Managemer, selling the right room to the right customer at the right price is easier than ever.
Yield Manager
  •   Official web page
  •   All OTAs in channel manager
  •   Google HPA, Facebook and Trip Advisor instant booking
  •   B2B segment
  •   Reservation application
  •   Bookable banners
  •   GDS

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B2B Solutions

B2B, made easy

Selling a room to your partner or agency has never been easier with our B2B Module. You can set permanent discounts and special offers for your loyal customers, partners or agencies.

All you need to do is to create an access code for partners to check availability and make reservations in real time through your website.
  •   Flexible inventory management
  •   Track performance
  •   Less phone-calls and less e-mails
  •   More reservations
  •   Create discounts for specific customer groups
  •   Unlimited clients
  •   Distribution through your partner's website

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Loyalty program

In order to make your guests be loyal to your booking channel, you should first convince them that you are loyal to them. Offer to your repeat guests the best rates in comparison to any other channel and highlight the value that you offer them.

Give them access to special pages on your website, where they can track their reservations and explore the special deals that you provide specifically to them.
Phobs fully supports creating and managing customizable loyalty program designed to help you boost your hotel’s repeat business.

Powerful and scalable

PHOBS B2B module lets smaller retail agencies work alongside large tour operators while using dynamic rates and either free sale or dedicated availability. Save time spent on answering agency inquiries by letting them have a direct access to prices and availability custom tailored for them.

Metasearch Hub

Metasearch customers and boost direct reservations through your website

Phobs Metasearch Hub lets you push your rates and availability from your booking engine to all the leading Metasearch portals. Forget about the hassle and risks of managing the complex bidding process because Phobs makes it possible to participate in a pay only for realized bookings model.

Google Hotel Ads

Through PHOBS you can show up across Google Hotel Ads and appear globally on and Google Maps, wherever travelers are shopping for hotels – on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Don’t forget to be anytime everywhere.

Trip Advisor Instant Booking

As a Trip Advisor premium partner Phobs can help you promote your website’s offer on Trip Advisor and start receiving reservations from Tripadvisor. Pay only for realized bookings with no business listing necessary! Easily track Trip Advisor reservation statistics without any additional set up or management of availability and prices.


PHOBS is now a trivago connectivity Partner. By visiting Trivago Dashboard you can now start launching your Direct Connect camapaign. Trivago will detect PHOBS as your booking engine connectivity Partner! Follow all rest of steps required and activate you balanced campaign today!


PHOBS is integrated with Skyscanner that allows your hotel to get direct reservations from Skyscanner by activating CPA based Skyscanner Hotels, pay commissions only after guests stay at your hotel.

Rez App

Customer relations made easy

According to Google, globally, 37% of people who are actively searching for accommodation online will contact your sales team directly via email.
PHOBS RezApp allows you to quickly and efficiently provide answer and convert those customers.
  •   Send multilingual personalized offers in just a few clicks
  •   Confirm reservations while on call with a guest
  •   The fastest way to answer email inquiries
  •   Track your offers and their success rates
  •   Flexibility to negotiate rates

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Versatile and powerful

A versatile one screen call centre application fully supports and speeds up the work of even the largest hotel chains. The operator can handle unlimited number of e-mail or phone inquiries for all the properties from a single place.

Using Phobs RezApp solution makes sure all the inquiries are answered very quickly with a professional looking custom tailored offer in form of a bookable newsletter.

With premade customizable offers pre-translated into more then 25 languages the call centre can handle their part regardless of the guest language.