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How do I make my direct offer more attractive than the ones promoted via different OTAs?

Phobs Booking Engine

A three-step guest-oriented process with the possibility of adapting to any type of demand. Endless flexibility in creating rate plans with specific discounts, supplements, restrictions, and packaged services designed to help you always have the most attractive offers on your property websites. We also provide detailed documentation on creating deep links for banners that can target specific special offers in specific currencies. For more advanced projects we also support full API integration onto a custom tailor-made front-end.

Will this Internet Booking Engine work for me since I have a combination of campsites, resorts, hotels?

Phobs Booking Engine supports in the fullest the camping world and the hotel world. Different pricing strategies can be applied for different accommodation types like Pitches, Mobile Homes, or rooms in a hotel. This is mainly due to the fact that all the most important customers of Phobs are in independant chains operating both Hotels and Campsites.

Trivago connectivity

Easily promote your official website rates and availability directly towards Trivago.

Google Hotel Ads connectivity

Phobs is a full integration partner for Google Hotel Ads with our own connection to Google. We were one of the first six featured partners for this service during the pilot phase and we support all campaign management modes available. With "per stay" campaigns it is easy to achieve optimal visibility while paying a marketing fee to Google only if the guest which found you via advertisement actually stays at the property.

How do I make sure I have the pricing and availability under control across multiple distribution channels?

Phobs Channel Manager

Enables control of availability and prices from a single point where all the distributions can share a free inventory or the hotelier can assign specific contingents to separate distributions. Integrated stop sales functionality that enables the hotelier to close sales everywhere simultaneously or for specific room types on specific OTAs while leaving the sales open for others. More than 150 connected OTA's and all the main Camping OTA's such as Campingvision, ADAC Pincamp, ACSI, ANWB and many more. The quality of our technology made us premier partners with most important OTAs such as Booking.com or Expedia.

How do I handle emails and phone requests and make sure every inquiry is processed in a professional manner in the language of the guest?

Phobs RezApp Easily reply to email inquiries with bookable offers in the form of a newsletter with real-time availability directly from Phobs. Enables suggestive selling and adaptive pricing strategy. This module enables the hotelier to easily have a centralised call centre for any number of hotels or campsites. Every offer sent is tracked which enables having perfect overview over how each agent is performing, what are his/hers close rates etc. Since this module operates on the same platform as the rest of Phobs system every reservation via email also updates availability on all the connected sales channels via Phobs channel manager.

How do I decrease the pressure smaller non digitalised agencies make on my sales team?

Phobs B2B module B2B module allows work with agencies and supports all agreed terms, allotment with inventory, individual prices with commission... agencies can enter into the reservation system either with access code in the B2B segment of user's web sites or they can enter into the user's reservation application with the user name which PHOBS configures for the user. All B2B reservations enter PHOBS system with agency details and update availability in real-time. The hotelier can insert as many custom b2b agents as he/she wishes.

How do I easily control all the prices across multiple points of sales and make sure I always sell at the maximum price?

Phobs Yield Manager Allows easier price strategy control where the hotelier is able to use preset pricing levels to control the price across all the connected distribution channels. Our yield manager can receive suggested price levels from external RM systems such as Ideas, Duetto, etc.

How do I ensure that my sales team always notices the changes in demand and travel trends?

Within Phobs platform there is an Analytics module that can show the following statistics in either numeric or graphical mode: Revenue achieved, revenue per overnight, the average rate per overnight, the average rate per unit, average booking value, number of total reservations, number of confirmed reservations, number of cancelled reservations, number of overnights, number of room nights, the average number of persons per room, average stay duration, percentage of reservations made on working days, percentage of reservations made on weekends, exact rate plan ranking across all connected distributions, number of reservation attempts, and lead days. These statistics can additionally be filtered out per distribution connected, per guest country, per access code, per property in a specified time frame.

Will I be able to control Global Distribution System from the same system?

Yes, Phobs provides GDS connectivity to the major GDS providers such as Amadeus, Pegasus, Worldspan, etc...

Concerning the functionalities, is there a tool that could help me compete with special programs provided by the OTAs such as B.com Genious rate or similar?

Phobs Special Deals "Special deals" is a functionality which enables you to create secret deals that become visible and bookable only after the potential guest registers by using his/her e-mail. All registrations by the guests are kept in Phobs backoffice and can be used for further marketing activities.

Can I somehow make sure all the sent offers and all the reservations made find their way into my CRM?

Phobs provides the possibility to send all offer or reservation data into any third party CRM. Other than this there is also a possibility to pull loyalty code info into Phobs to generate specific rates for Loyalty guests.

Do I have a way to make sure every guest gets an automated pre-stay or post-stay email?

Yes, Phobs enables creation of any number of multilingual e-mails which can be set up to automatically be sent to the guest a specific number of days before or after their stay at your property. It is also possible to combine this feature with Promotional rates module explained above and distribute special promo codes to all the guests which stayed in one of your properties thus maximizing repeat business.

I use a PMS, do I need to keep track availability in both systems and how do I transcribe all the reservations from Phobs into my PMS?

Phobs has developed connectivity with a majority of important PMS vendors in Europe. It is possible to have availability from Property Management System automatically sent into Phobs which then acts as a hub to distribute that availability to all the connected points of sale. Every reservation which lands into Phobs is automatically downloaded directly into PMS.

Can I control which person on the hotel side can do what changes on the system?

Phobs makes possible creating users with specific permissions, this make possible to give access to specific parts of Phobs to specific people - for instance Call centre agents do not need the permissions to control prices for distribution channels etc... Number of administrators or system users is unlimited.

Ok, this system seems very broad in number of functionalities - how will I learn to use all of these tools and if I get stuck, is there any level of support which I can easily reach?

One of the main advantages of Phobs, besides the technological ones, is how we approach our clients and how we provide support. Every customer has a dedicated Account Manager to provide continual guidance, educate the staff, and help with the initial setup. This person has a goal of helping the hotel maximize the benefits of using Phobs and this is not an initial fling, but, instead a long term relationship that lasts throughout the entire cooperation. We can provide multiple Account Managers in English, German, Italian, French and, naturally, Croatian language. Every muti-property company using our services always mentions our customer support as one of our strengths. Customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.