Connectivity Platform

As a connectivity platform, PHOBS system offers reliable and secure platform to manage different connected data streams, a solution for building a direct connection with each of your connectivity partners in the hospitality business, thus integrating all of your connections under one roof. Our enterprise platform for reservation data flow provides easy and complete global coverage of demand channels and your guests. Utilizing the scalability of the Phobs system, we further expand coverage via integrations with other large distribution partners to ensure your further reach.

Why do I need a connectivity provider?

Suppliers and distributors in tourism are slowed down by major technical hurdles, once they start building direct connections or connecting multiple technology suppliers. Build-time will take usually many months or even years, often resulting in a deadline overdue and further cost. Ongoing management and maintenance of several platforms at once is not practical and can be very expensive. In many cases, the technical difficulties between platforms can be so huge that a right connectivity provider is not a choice, but a necessity. Phobs lives and operates between travel and digital world. Using Phobs technologies and services offers faster time-to-market and a reduction in internal costs. It also results in better and faster functionality.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Every customer-facing interface should reflect the identity of Your company. PHOBS offers various customization options for your hotel booking engine, mail offers and other customer-related materials. In case Your desired customization option is not available, our awesome team will do their utmost to make it possible!

Tightly Integrated

Tightly Integrated

Integration of various Property Management Systems is highly desireable in any revenue management system and PHOBS is one of the best solutions on the market in regards to integration. We are offering first class integration with leading PMS, RM, CRM platforms alike.

Why Phobs?

Matured over a decade of experience, we are robust and proven platform that gives our customers speed and edge, providing the most flexible, customizable, highest performance system to the hospitality industry. Our response times and data accuracy reflect our ongoing pursuit of excellence. As a result, we can help and connect partners with different systems in hospitality business and help them do business with each other.


Handling guest data means handling highest online security. From credit card data to the management of personal data, our clients are faced with security issues and regulations we can help with. PCI DSS and GDPR compliance being just one of them. Phobs platform is built with security on all levels in mind, providing travel industry a PCI compliant system, meaning, that your business is securely protected from data breaches that would compromise your business’s sensitive data.

Continuously Growing and Improving

Phobs is an always improving set of tools and services which gains new features each day. Our engineering team constantly iterates upon every facet of the Phobs stack providing our clients and partners means to get early access to the latest travel technologies.

IT Support

The value of Phobs system is backed up by our technology, and also in the IT support that we provide. Support and services we have built and the caliber of the people on our IT team reflect what it takes to properly support your business. As a result, all of our partners benefit, and our relationships with our clients continue to grow.

Growth Through Synergy

Phobs system has been recognized by Online Hospitality Technologies from the start. Today, we have numerous connectivity partners with which we provide a better experience to travel industry. Hundreds of technology partners trust Phobs to simplify connections and provide secure business to their clients.

Can I Connect?


We provide test services, API documentations and IT support for you to be able to connect to Phobs platform. Whether you are webmaster managing Official Web Site, Internet Marketing Agency in pursuit of better reservation tracking, Property Management System (PMS), Revenue Management System (RMS), Online Travel Agency (OTA), Client Relationship Management System (CRM), contact us for more information how to connect.